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About Us


Comfortable and quiet massage room

Child care $3/hr/child

Steam or sauna room

Comfortable waiting area

Theater room


* Yoga, Pilates, Barre classes

* Basketball

* Over 80 classes a week

* Cardio

* Free weights

* Basketball court

* Gym membership or $10 day pass required

About Tracy

I began my career as a child giving my friends and family massages. However, my official studies began in 1994. I received my certificate from Health Enrichment Center in Lapeer, MI. After graduation I didn’t want to stop learning and continued my studies in Clinical Approaches, McLaren Hospital and John Barnes Myofascial Release courses along with many others. The first 5 years I worked in Chiropractic offices enjoying perfecting my clinical work. In 2000 I received my first Spa massage in Vail, CO. After the experience of feeling like a princess I decided there was something to the spa environment. I was fortunate enough to learn the little things that make the massage experience memorable while working over 6 year at The Boulders destination Spa in Carefree AZ. By combining these 2 styles I have learned that I am able to offer therapeutic massage in a relaxing setting for a truly synergistic effect. massage in Sun City West Massage at Mountainside in Sun City Massage at Mountainside in Surprise